5 Ways to Wear an Infinity Scarf

There are many different ways to wear an infinity scarf, here we list 5 of them to choose from. If you’ve ever wondered how to wear and infinity scarf, then look no further, we will help.

Get ready to get your mind blown.


Classic Infinity Scarf

This is how most people wear infinity scarves, it’s the most classic method.

It’s easy. Just put your head through middle and you’re golden. You can wear the classic method with any clothes you like and it’s more suitable for warmer spring weather.


Around the shoulders

This method is another cool way to wear your infinity scarf, it highlights the bust line, and will keep you nice and warm in the cold.

Simply pull the scarf around your shoulders, extending the length and turn it to make a figure-8. Make certain the knot is on the shoulder and draw the gap you’ve made over the head and put it over your other shoulder. Best worn with tank tops or dresses.


Around the head

You may be thinking that this method is a little bit unconventional, but actually is pretty handy when you have bad hair day or don’t have a hat.

Be certain the scarf is around your neck, curve it to make the figure-8. Place gap over you neck and adjust for comfort. Best worn in cold and windy weathers. It looks nice with sweaters and coats.



Another classic way to wear an infinity scarf, this way you will be warm and look really good,

Put your head through the middle and wrap your scarf around your neck once more to make it “double”. Best worn on colder days and sits nice with all your clothes.


Infinity Shirt

Very handy when you need an extra shirt after you spilled some coffee on yours or when it’s really cold and you want to get warm fast.

Place the scarf around your waist, spreading it out to give you a lot of space. Turn it to make the figure-8. Pull it up and put it over your head. It goes nice with bathing suits, tank tops and strapless clothes.

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