How to Knit an Infinity Scarf

If it’s the end of the summer and you feel the wind blowing and see leaves falling, then it’s a good time to wear something warmer and why not a nice and warm knitted infinity scarf. Below i will list the things you need to create a beautiful knitted scarf and tell you how to do it, so read on.

Everything you will need:

2 Chunky Yarn

Size 17 Knitting Needles

Tapestry Needle

How to :

1. Cast 23 stitches.

2. k1, p1 until it’s 60″ long.

3. Cast off

4. With the needle sew both ends together.

I continued weaving until I had quite recently enough yarn to sew the scarf together. The last measurements were 11″ wide by around 60″ long.

You can make your scarf denser or thinner by casting on more or less stitches. Do how you prefer, but keep the stitches at an odd number.

It’s a great way to save money on scarves or on Christmas gifts, use your imagination and stay warm.

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