How to Put on a Scarf

Is winter coming fast and you just bought your new scarf, but don’t want to wear it in the usual boring way, but don’t really know any other methods of tying your scarf? Then look no further, below you will find different ways you can wear your scarf and maybe get inspired to invent your own scarf tying style.

Of all the winter adornments out there, the scarf is probably the one that can be worn infinity amount of different ways. Calculating in the innumerable ways of tying, tucking, hanging, and general choosing, scarves have probably bazillion different wearing styles and we have highlighted 5, that we think are pretty neat.

We took a bought a regular scarf we found at one of our neat little stores in our town. It costs us only 25 bucks. If you still don’t have a suitable scarf, then go to the nearest store or you can even visit an online store. If you want to become a scarf tying master then scroll down and find out how.


The Classic

Just put a one color scarf around your shoulders and you are done. Simple and classy.


The Knot

Make one knot around your neck and you are good to go.

Voluptuous Neck

Take a thin scarf and warp your neck so you leave a long part in the front.

The Choker

Wrap your scarf tightly around your neck as a choker.

Front Knot

Put the scarf tightly around your neck and make on knot in front.

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