Skinny Scarf

Imagine a scenario that right now, you can be super trendy for under $10. Design bloggers and celebs and models are all wearing something that is straightforward, moderate, and effective: The skinny scarf.

The first names that come to mind with skinny scarves are David Bowie, Keith Richards, Steven Tyler—yet the style’s had a high-design makeover lately when Prada showcased smooth silk scarves over models’ necks for Fall 2014, with Saint Laurent going with the same pattern for Spring 2015. Ever since we’ve spotted everything from velvety to sheer.

We’re aficionados of wearing the ultra-thin scarf to help the style of a worn T-shirt or pick a tonal scarf to coordinate your maxi dress in the last days of Summer.

Here’s the kicker however: This extra may look luxury when hung on style insiders, yet you can totally experiment with the pattern for under $20, because of Zara, ASOS, Nasty Gal, and other quick design spots.

There are loads of options, you just need to choose the one you like.

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