Thin Scarves

Thin scarves fall among those types of trends that are not very practical, but it sure is pretty. It won’t do much when there is a snowstorm outside? But for many it has become an essential piece of their wardrobe that they can’t live without. Furthermore, we have discovered that the scarf has many different wearing styles. If you read on you will find out what i’m talking about.

Toss Over the Shoulder

For a strong look, you can wrap the scarf around your neck and throw it over your shoulder. It will definitely attract more that one look.

The Choker

Learn from Lily-Rose Depp and tie it tight — wrap it around your neck couple of times and tie a knot from the back.

Make a Knot in the Front

Kate Moss is the master of thin scarves. You can use the method number for this style, just tie the knot from the front.

Elegant Style

You can combine the thin scarf with an elegant dress like shown below and wear the outfit to any special occasion.

Bring back the 70s

If you want to wear a thin scarf from the 70s why not try on other pieces of clothing that date back to the 70s era, thin scarf was one of the most popular accessories back in the 70s.

Thin Scarf Tie

If you don’t have a tie or don’t want to wear one the do like Julianne Hough and wrap the scarf around a lovely ribbon blouse and tie it into a neat little bow.

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