How to Wear an Infinity Scarf – Tips and Tricks to Looking Good

One thing we hear a lot from people is the emergency how do I wear this thing question. People see the photos online and thing the infinity scarf is hip and fashionable. But then they get it and it’s just a giant circle and they stare in confusion. Twisting and twirling the scarf around their neck like a contortionist, it can look pretty ridiculous. Don’t worry, we are here to the rescue.

When wearing an infinity scarf there are a lot of choices. First, place it around your neck. If you then put it in a figure eight in front of you and pull it over your head, you’ll have a double loop. If you repeat that process, you’ll have a triple loop which gives the impression of a turtleneck. Another popular one is to try and protect your hair. You start the infinity scarf on top of your head and then do the figure eight process. You can view the options in the video below to see how you might do these steps yourself.

To see a greater selection of styles, this second video tries a few more creative approaches. It’s not as easy to follow which is why I gave it the bottom spot, but it definitely offers a lot more interesting approaches. Following this video you can make more dominant visual styles and make the scarf stand out more. The first video seems to aim for a more subtle display of the scarf.

Overall, the infinity scarf offers a great variety of options that can make you stand out in a crowd. If you have an infinity scarf, let us know which style you like to wear and we’ll offer your feedback to the other visitors.

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